50s The Real Book About ... The Sea, Pirates, Horses, Amazing Animals, Baseball, Camping, Farms, Antarctica +more, Buy 1 OR All

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1950s The Real Book About Buy 1 OR All

Really neat book set to add to your bookshelves. Each book includes black & white illustrations.

All of the dust jackets are in as-is condition with signs of wear (the horses book has the most wear with a chunk missing at front). However, the actual hardcovers are in excellent condition and so are the inside pages. I also think the wear on the book jackets adds a lot of vintage character & would make a great display. See all photos.

Set of ten includes the following titles & copyrights:

The Real Book About:

Horses (1952)
Pirates (1952)
The Sea (1954)
Amazing Animals (1951)
Camping (1953)
Airplanes (1961 printing)
Antarctic (1959)
Farms (1952)
Baseball (1958)
Sports (1958)

9" long x 6" wide

If you have any questions or would like to see more photos, please don't hesitate to message me.