Vintage Fisher-Price Little People Set Of 48, Huge Lot Of Little People, All Plastic, Children's Toys

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Vintage Fisher-Price Little People Set Of 48

Completely plastic

Set of 48 includes:

1 Mayor in black top hat
2 Men: one blue body; one beige body
2 Construction Workers: one green body with yellow hard hat; one blue with orange hard hat
4 Blue Women with blonde hair
2 Red Women with blonde hair
1 Yellow Woman with white hair
3 Dogs: two orange collars, one yellow
1 Mr. Hooper from Sesame St., green
1 Mrs. Shopkeeper in green (looks like a Mrs. Hooper)
1 Mailman in blue
2 Mail Boys in blue
2 Mail Girls in blue with blonde hair
2 Sea Captains in blue with white beards
3 Boys: two orange with brown hair (one's eye & nose is smudged off); one blue with black hair
5 Boys with baseball caps, one angry faced with freckles and roughed up cap, most cap rims have wear
8 Girls: 3 blonde hair, 3 brown hair, 1 black hair, 1 teen with red ponytail
1 Clown: orange body, black hat
2 Firefighters: one black & white, the other black and red
1 Train Conductor in green
1 Train: orange and white with yellow wheels
2 Cars: one red and white with black wheels, one white and green with black wheels
1 Living Room Chair: white, slightly dingy.

Great vintage condition: slight wear overall; any real noticeable flaws (like baseball caps) are noted above. See all ten photos.

If you have any questions or would like to see more photos, please don't hesitate to message me.

*book not included